Answer Of After being accused of harassing a lady, the prosecution sends YouTuber Ahmed Hassan to affliction

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Lawyer Ashraf Farhat revealed that the prosecution has accomplished the investigation into the accusation of accusing illustrious YouTuber Ahmed Hassan of sexually harassing a lady by means of Instagram and WhatsApp messages, and that the ministry public had determined to advert the accused to the financial tribunal to institute a session for his affliction.

Farhat confirmed that Ahmed Hassan despatched his consumer wicked messages, asking for photographs with garments at dwelling and others with out garments, with phrases punishable by regulation.

And prosecution investigations have revealed particulars of YouTuber Ahmed Hassan’s accusation of harassing a lady named Sama Mohamed Zaki and instigating her into immorality, and investigations have confirmed the implication. of the accused in harassing the sufferer by means of a WhatsApp dialog.

The lady, referred to as Sama, stated the illustrious YouTuber posted a “Post” on his web page, through which he requested a lady, to star in a brief movie, venerable 20 to 35, noting that she was ‘had contacted by way of “chat”. “, and requested him to dispatch footage of her. She confirmed that when she despatched him a number of footage of her, she was shocked at his response.

The lady added: “He said your body was beautiful, so I felt his intention was wrong, so I said make him talk, and he asked for my phone number and said: “Send me footage with particular garments. .

Sama continued, “He said to me, Come on, and I will bring you down, and we will play the bride and groom, and when I told him that I am married and have a child, he did not want to respond, and he kept asking me urgently to go to his house, and I kept all the messages that back up what I said about the incident. “

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And she continued, “I used to be shocked by the well-known YouTuber, who labored in entrance of revered individuals, and walked out with this filth, and requested me to refer with him to his villa to do some forbidden actions. , and once I refused, I despatched him my photographs, he instructed me that once you behold me, you will not try this. “

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And she concluded: “There are individuals who have a look at you and affection you. You ought to take that into narrative. I made a video to caution, to not defame, as a result of it’s workable for any hero. to take edge of the ladies by way of companionable networks, then I counsel all the ladies who wish to talk to go away them lonely, in the event that they conform, they’ll take their purpose and do nothing. ”.

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