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Handling grocery shopping when depressed – depression groceryshopping advice

I’m currently in a depressive episode, and can’t find the energy to go to the store. I would order food online, but that whole process makes me so anxious I freeze and don’t go through with it. How should I get groceries?

I have a therapist, am in treatment and am not in any danger in case anyone’s concerned. I’m not going to starve to death, just struggling with energy levels and have little appetite this week. Going to the store feels impossibly hard right now, but so does ordering food online because it makes me severely anxious.

Usually, I’m able to push myself to go shopping anyway, but this week it is just not happening, and I’m lost because all my usual tricks (promising myself tasty treats, listening to fave podcasts while there, reminding myself how much better I’ll physically feel once I have food in the fridge again, breaking it down into tiny little steps) aren’t working. Everything online says to order food or takeout when you’re too depressed to go shopping, but that feels even harder than grocery shopping, since the (very mild, I know, but still) social interaction gives me anxiety attacks and dear god I don ‘t want to deal with that right now.

I thought about asking a friend to bring me basic stuff like milk, cereal, fruit, frozen meals, etc and I’d pay them back; but I’ve never asked for anything like that and I’m scared it’s asking for too much. Still, maybe it’s the only option right now? If so, how do I ask? I feel so much shame about this and would hate to be a burden. My family/parents/etc live far away, so I can’t ask them, and my social circle is very small here (there’s only one friend I might feel okay asking this of, and they’re in exams season right now, so it’s scary to ask them because they genuinely just might not have the time or energy to help out, either, which I’d totally understand.)

So… Any ideas on how to get some food into my house, or ideas on how to convince myself to go to the store? If not, how do I ask the people around me for help without pressing them? Sorry this is kind of an intense question. Again, I won’t starve or anything since these episodes only last a week or two at most, and I do have some snacks I can get by on (crackers, cookies, instant noodles, back-of-the-pantry stuff basically) , but it isn’t an ideal situation, and I know not eating as much as I should is making my fatigue and brain fog even worse.

Thanks so much in advance!

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