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Impromptu late August Maine or ?? vacay? – Vacation

I’ve just been scheduled for a work trip to Boston (MIT) August 23-24. I’ve got some vacation time for the month and want to tack on a few days of travel afterward. It occurs to me that I’ve never been to Maine and this is a good opportunity for some relaxation and light tourism. advice? Questions and other details below the fold!

Last year I spent five days in a cute 1920s resort cottage steps away from a lake in Northern Michigan and took relaxed day trips within a drive of an hour or two, and it was perfect. Hoping to replicate the experience on the east coast!

My work trip is pretty fixed – probably flying into Boston either Monday evening or early Tuesday, with time allocated for meetings and other work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Could leave Boston late Wednesday or Thursday morning. I’d be flying back from BOS – return date is flexible at this point but probably the following Sunday or Monday.

>I’ve explored Boston and Newport on previous trips. I’m open to other suggestions in the region if they are compatible with the points below. I’ve been told Portland is lovely. Along the ocean would be ideal but I’m open to some place on an interior lake if it isn’t too far.
>I’m being as cautious as I can be about Covid – have not had it and don’t want to (vaxxed, boosted, masking), so my preference is to have a car and stay somewhat away from the crowds where I can get a cottage or similar and be able to relax on my own.
>My ideal vacation: Staying in a cottage on the waterfront in a quiet location but within an hour or two of a/some historic area/downtown/village(s) for walking around looking at or learning about historic things. I don’t need to actually have access to the water, I prefer lounging on a shaded deck or porch watching the water in the mornings/evenings to sitting on a hot beach at midday.
>I recognize that finding lodging for the end of August this late is going to probably cost me a bit of change and my options will be limited.
>I love great food but know that my options will also be limited because Covid.

Any suggestions for places that might meet these criteria? I am searching VRBO and AirBnB, but personal recommendations for places you’ve stayed are welcome. Conversely, tell me if there is some place that is unsafe (for a single middle-aged white woman) or to avoid for other reasons.

Anything I should be aware of as a non-local? EG “at all costs avoid driving up the coast at X time” or other logistical issues.

Thank you!

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