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Seeking sunblock for windows – sunprotection heatwave

I have installed external shutters on most of the windows on the southeast side of my house, with the goal of blocking out as much sun as possible during summer heatwaves. There is one window (about 65 x 140cm) that still lacks sun protection, so the sun & heat still get in through there. What easy, cheap, and above all effective solutions will keep out most of this sunlight? (Definitions for all three adjectives below the fold.)

Cheap = under €100, ideally
Easy = no actual drilling or material alterations needed
Effective = keeps out most of the sun, but doesn’t have to block it entirely

I suggested to my husband that we just put up aluminum foil on the window in question; he opposed it on the basis that it would annoy the neighbors (probably true). I saw something about bubble wrap; would this work? Or just putting up an easy-to-install roller blind? Have you tried any quick DIY hacks that successfully kept the sun out of your home? If you have any specific product recs, that would be amazing.

I live in the Netherlands, so ideally any proposed solution would be available here.

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