Answer Of The system by which the writer introduced the info and data is

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The route the author presents info and data is a scientific system. There are many strategies within the Arabic language equivalent to exclamation, questioning, and dialogue, and every system has a number of makes use of, and every system has a number of particular locations. And it has its avow traits that clique it other than others, love exclamation type, dialogue type or interrogative type.

The route the author introduced the info and data,

The route the author presents info and data is a method of dialogue, and this system is used when an individual desires to get the outcomes and fruits of his dialogue. Kindness, and it’s a must to adhere to the dialogue type, flowery and mannerly, and among the many forms of dialogue type are reprimand, speech, aphorism, self-discipline, query, then initiate a dialogue.

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Methods of dialogue within the Noble Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet

In the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Messenger, God bless him and vouchsafe him peace, there are various forms of strategies of dialogue, a few of which explain reprimand, and a few of them explain tyranny and proverbs. These examples comprise:

  • A query, then we initiate a dialogue in line with the phrases of God: “As the Lord mentioned to the angels, I create a caliph on earth, they ramble and shed blood, and we acclaim you, we acclaim you, we acclaim you. acclaim, we sanctify you. … “I do not know what you understand.
  • Al-Attar within the phrases of Almighty God: “I created you, so We defined to you, then We mentioned to the angels: They bowed down earlier than Adam, they bowed down, and Satan didn’t will not be recumbent. Fire created from clay. * He mentioned: So go away them, and go away them what it is best to breathe conceited about, then you’ll refer, since you are one of many lowly.
  • A reprimand is love the maxim of the Most High: (When the tree tasted, he skillfully forged it down, and their feathers appeared to them, they usually introduced them two folds of the leaves of paradise, and their Lord gave them a designation.
  • He gave examples equivalent to what the Prophet mentioned to a Bedouin whose spouse gave him a black son: Are you lovely? He mentioned: Yes He mentioned: What are their colours? He mentioned: Red He mentioned: Do you’ve paperwork? He mentioned sure. he mentioned that. He mentioned: I behold steal it later. He mentioned: Maybe your son took it away.
  • For instance, tyranny is the phrase of Almighty God: “He mentioned: You need my God, Abraham, when you do not cease, I’ll stone you and go away me fully.

Ultimately, we erudite that the author’s presentation of info and data is a dialogue system, and there are various forms of this system, together with query sorts after which dialogue initiate, and this system has been used within the Holy Quran. an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Prophet.

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