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architecture decision record

architecture decision record template


architecture decision record , An Architecture Decision Record (ADR) is a document that captures important decisions made during a software development project. These decisions can range from high-level design choices to more minor implementation details. ADRs help to keep track of the rationale behind project decisions, which can be helpful for future reference or for communicating with other stakeholders. ADRs can be used to capture different types of decisions, but they are typically used for technical choices that will have a significant impact on the project. For each decision, the ADR should include a brief description of the problem that was being addressed, the options that were considered, and the rationale for choosing the final solution. Additionally, it can be helpful to include information on who was involved in making the decision and when it was made.

architecture decision record

architecture decision record

An Architecture Decision Record (ADR) is a document that captures an important architectural decision made along with its context and consequences. The idea is that by having a written record of the decisions made, it becomes easier for future architects and developers to understand why a particular decision was made, and what the trade-offs were. This can help save time when making similar decisions in the future, as well as help improve communication within an organization about architectural choices. There is no one specific format for an ADR, but they typically include the following information: * The problem that was being faced * The options that were considered * The chosen solution * The reasoning behind the choice * Any trade-offs that were made * Any known risks or issues with the chosen solution   An Architecture Decision Record can be useful in a variety of situations, such as: When multiple stakeholders ar

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