August Astrology Highlights – Kelly Surtees Astrology [Recipes Core]

August Astrology Highlights - Kelly Surtees Astrology

August Astrology Highlights – Kelly Surtees Astrology, horoscope is one of the oldest sciences that are concerned with celestial phenomena, their development, and their physical and chemical characteristics.

August Astrology Highlights – Kelly Surtees Astrology

Here’s a brief look at a few of the astrology highlights for August. If you’re curious about all the astrology and aspects happening this month, including planets changing signs and the New and Full Moons, there is loads of info already available to subscribers inside my astrology guide membership. You can join up today!

Mars is making a number of aspects this month, which may bring a sharp, prickly, or even frustrating quality to life. You may be forced to get clear on your passions, your enthusiasm, and what’s worth being assertive about.

August also brings a sweet aspect between Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Aries, on the 18th. This might bring balance to any tensions and can help you explore an uplifting opportunity or experience.

The full moon in Aquarius on August 11th might bring a shock, surprise or an unexpected development thanks to an aspect from Uranus in Taurus. Saturn’s proximity to the full moon will bring a necessary reality check or invite you to opt for a cautious plan.

The new moon at the end of August in Virgo is influenced by a tight square from Mars in Gemini, bringing tension and qualities of pushing or breaking away. Mars will enter Gemini on August 20th, where it will stay for seven months, an unusually long amount of time due to its upcoming retrograde.

Mercury will spend most of August in Virgo, from August 4 to 25. Mercury in Virgo is a great cycle in which to get organized and catch up on communication and important conversations.

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