‘Bridgerton’ star Polly Walker on taking part in ‘controversial’ characters

'Bridgerton' star Polly Walker on playing 'controversial' characters

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‘Bridgerton’ star Polly Walker on taking part in ‘controversial’ characters

British actress Polly Walker isn’t any stranger to epoch dramas. 

Walker is finest identified for taking part in Atia of the Julii in HBO’s toga epic “Rome” (2005-2007). Since then, she’s had a even stream of roles (together with films similar to “Clash of the Titans”) and is now pulling double-duty in two totally different costume dramas. 

In the Netflix hit “Bridgerton,” clique within the 1800s, Walker co-stars because the crafty and ruthless Lady Portia Featherington. And, within the Epix ’60s-era drama “Pennyworth” (Sundays at 9 p.m. on Fox), she co-stars as Peggy Sykes, a robust dominatrix. 

Walker, 54, answered some questions for The Post about her latest roles. 

Do you may have a selected curiosity in costume dramas?

I really feel very cozy inside [that genre], simply because I’m very skilled in it. Being British, you’re kindly of schooled in it from an early age. We do historic dramas in appearing discipline…so it doesn’t appear love such an alien world. It’s pretty simple for British actors to make it really feel trendy and current. But I love to do no matter I deem is an efficient venture — whether or not it’s clique sooner or later, the current or within the Regency period [as in “Bridgerton”]. It’s all concerning the story and the property of the writing and the folks related to it.

The British actress is no stranger to period dramas.
The British actress isn’t any stranger to epoch dramas.
David Reiss

“Bridgerton” has been successful and was renewed for a second season.

I’m happy with how the world has obtained it — you by no means know, and I strive to not have any expectations. I cerebrate I’ve been doing it lengthy sufficient to know that issues you cerebrate are going to breathe a gigantic hit typically by no means behold the sunshine of day. So I strive to not have any kindly of attachment, however I’m extremely happy and arrogant of all people’s labor — and I cerebrate it’s getting some well-deserved success. 

I’m working once more with [executive producer] Bruno Heller, with whom I did “Rome.” I cerebrate he’s wonderful and extremely proficient, so I’m fortunate to breathe sever of something he does. And it’s clique within the ’60s and its very tongue-in-cheek and enjoyable. My personality has a intercourse store in Soho and has doubtful morals. It’s very far-off from who I’m, and that’s all the time enjoyable to toy.

Polly Walker in 'Bridgerton'
“I’m incredibly pleased and proud of everybody’s work — and I think it’s getting some well-deserved success,” Walker says of “Bridgerton.”

Your personality in “Bridgerton” is too not one of many good guys.

It’s mighty extra attention-grabbing to toy anyone who’s barely controversial than to breathe some drippy wallflower. You can sink abysmal into the sever and discover avenues that maybe you wouldn’t usually discover. So it’s fairly good to breathe capable of destroy somebody or prance round within the [“Bridgerton”] period. It’s all ancient recreation of make-believe.

What was your favourite facet of “Bridgerton?”

I beloved being within the properties. They had been so exquisitely designed and circumstantial that it systematize of took your breath away once you arrived on clique within the morning and hadn’t been in that individual elbowroom but, or down that staircase, after which seeing all of the regalia. The places had been glorious.

Polly Walker in 'Bridgerton'
“It’s much more interesting to play somebody who’s slightly controversial than to be some drippy wallflower,” she stated.

Do followers quiet method you about “Rome?” 

I’d say as soon as a month anyone on the tube will say one thing. Certainly you get acknowledged on the very unlikely instances, once you’re in a [line] to purchase a steak or one thing on the butcher’s. It’s all the time good when somebody does method me, and folks have solely ever been very kindly. 

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