BTS Jungkook’s MBTI Personality Type Has Officially Changed LW

BTS Jungkook’s MBTI Personality Type Has Officially Changed BTS befall to breathe referred to as “quickly the largest and most effective name in K-pop on the globe” which may “do items no other title of their style can”, with Time providing them the nickname “Princes of Pop”.

BTS Jungkook’s MBTI Personality Type Has Officially Changed

BTS‘s Jungkook not too long ago took over the Myers-Briggs kind indicator (MBTI) to learn which of the 16 persona sorts is greatest for him. According to her outcomes, her persona kind has modified!

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Jungkook first revealed his kind MBTI in 2017 throughout BTS get together, the group’s first birthday celebrations. At the time, he was INFP.

INFP is too generally known as the Mediator persona kind. This persona kind is tranquil however tremendous inventive and imaginative. Mediators are idealistic and empathetic, they usually relish serving to others.

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Although Jungkook may be very inventive and goes out of his route to ameliorate others, his persona kind modified final 12 months earlier than altering once more this 12 months. In October 2020, he posted on Weverse to display followers that his MBTI had moved from INFP to ISFP.

Like INFPs, ISFPs are introverted, delicate and prospectors. The largest change right here is that ISFPs employ their senses and observational expertise to navigate the world as an alternative of their instinct love INFPs do.

ISFP is too generally known as the Adventurer persona kind. The adventurer is called a undoubted artist, and other people with this persona kind typically propel the boundaries of companionable conference by means of their inventive endeavors. They are impulsive and affection to propel themselves to take dangers, plane if they’re introverts. Jungkook is unquestionably each inventive and adventuresome on the identical time, so the ISFP persona kind suited him properly as properly. He was plane included within the “Adventurers You May Know” checklist on the web site. 16Personalities!

Although the ISFP persona kind fits him properly, Jungkook not too long ago revealed that his MBTI kind has modified once more! He posted his fresh outcomes on his private Instagram web page in a now-deleted Instagram publish. He later posted the outcomes on his Instagram story as properly.

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Jungkook’s fresh official MBTI kind is INTP, too generally known as Logician.

Jungkook’s fresh outcomes display he is quiet an introvert and prospector, however he depends on his instinct and considering expertise to lead him. INTPs typically search for unlikely paths and blend experimentation and creativity to provide you with one thing fresh. Sounds consummate for BTS’s tremendous inventive and gifted gold maknae!


Jungkook as soon as examined his experimentation expertise and creativity by composing a track that included the concepts of the ARMYs throughout a animate declar. Of passage, her inventive experiment was a hit and resulted in a noble track!


Logicians are sometimes misplaced of their ideas, they usually can appear to develop out of area typically to those that have no idea them. However, Logicians are all the time considering, and their minds are crammed with noble concepts and noble concepts. Sometimes they plane quarrel with themselves of their heads. The ARMYs have observed that Jungkook appears to stroll away a couple of occasions, however he is most likely simply industrious determining his subsequent huge thought!

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Because they’re introverted, Logicians could emerge timorous or taciturn in direction of others. However, when surrounded by individuals they know and affection, they’ll breathe simply as outgoing as probably the most outgoing individuals. It matches Jungkook completely, and we have seen him let his mischievous and outgoing aspect with BTS on a number of antecedent.

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Logicians are naturally inquisitive and really launch to fresh concepts and experiences. They wish to know as mighty as workable and love to attempt fresh hobbies. When one thing piques their curiosity, they refer all out and dedicate themselves to their fresh pastime. This matches completely with Jungkook, who’s actually good at all the things! Whether he is capturing Golden Closet Film (GCF) movies, singing, dancing, exercising, portray, drawing, writing songs, producing or no matter, he all the time does his greatest and devotes to the job at hand.

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While Jungkook’s fresh kind of INTP MBTI is a consummate reconcile for him, it apparently quiet resonates with the ISFP kind. He captioned his Instagram publish MBTI with “half half,” which suggests it feels love it is half INTP and half ISFP. Together these two halves mix to figure an superior Jungkook!

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