Daniel Cormier Responds To Sean O’Malley Saying He Wants Him To Lose

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Daniel Cormier Responds To Sean O’Malley Saying He Wants Him To Lose

UFC Hall of Famer, Daniel Cormier says he does not care if bantamweight, Sean O’Malley wins or loses.

Last week, rising star Sean O’Malley discussed his relationship with fighter-turned commentator, Daniel Cormier, on his podcast the ‘TimboSugarShow’ after making a guest appearance on Cormier’s show ‘DC & RC‘.

O’Malley expressed that he felt Cormier wants him to lose but also stated that he understands why Cormier does not like him, namely being that he and Cormier’s bitter rival, Jon Jones, share similar body structures.

“I think DC and I would get along, but it’s what it is. I think he truly, deep down, wants to see me lose. For whatever it is. I already said it, it’s because I remind him of Jon Jones because I’m 6’6. DC wants to see me lose. It’s okay, I’m not mad about it, I get it. I’d want to see me lose too, you know what I mean? ”

Daniel Cormier Responds

Cormier, who seems to be on the receiving end of criticism from a lot of fighters, has now responded to O’Malley. ‘DC’ stated that he simply does not care enough about O’Malley to be bothered if the American wins or loses and even gave O’Malley some compliments before reminding us why he (Cormier) deserves some respect.

“It does not really make me feel anything because the reality is like you said Ryan, my accomplishments are all on my own. I do not care enough about Sean O’Malley to care if he wins or loses because like you said, it does not really affect me. I like the kid, I think the kid’s a fantastic little fighter, I think he’s tough. But the reality is, I got eight championship belts at home. I got eight championship belts at home, Ryan Clark. ”

It’s crazy when we mistake popularity for putting you on the level with someone else the reality is I do not care if Sean wins or if he loses. I think he’s good for the sport, I think him winning does things for the sport. But I do believe that he uses this to serve as a bit of motivation, everyone goes’ you need haters to propel you forward so I think he’s trying to make me that but the reality is I do not really care all that much. ”

What do you think about O’Malley’s comments on Daniel Cormier?

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