Does the QWO Cellulite Treatment Really Work?

Does the QWO Cellulite Treatment Really Work?

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Does the QWO Cellulite Treatment Really Work?

The fresh product is gaining momentum within the magnificence world as a result of it guarantees outcomes that appeared unattainable till not too long ago: it is referred to as QWO, and it is the primary FDA-approved injectable for cellulite.

For many years, cellulite appeared to breathe an sure and just about incurable sever of life, no signify what topical remedy, food regimen, or rehearse was advisable. For most of us, in some unspecified time in the future in our lives, they’ll emerge on the buttocks and thighs, and no espresso scrubs or pharmacy lotions can change this. And that is okay! Cellulite shouldn’t be one thing that should breathe “fixed”.

But it is too unaffected to breathe fascinated about your choices. While there are extra aggressive remedies, they usually contain invasive surgical procedure and are due to this fact extra painful. After being authorised by the FDA final 12 months, QWO’s cellulite remedy appears to be like love it might lastly change every part.

So, regardless of all of the hype…does it actually labor? We spoke to the docs and the affected person to listen to their private experiences.

So what’s cellulite and the way does QWO influence it?

“Cellulite results from a combination of three interacting factors: fat cells, loose skin, and thick fibrous bands,” explains Alexis Parcells, MD., a New Jersey board-certified pliable surgeon who based the Sunnie Skin Care and Anti-Aging Clinic and Parcells Plastic Surgery. “Over 90% of women report that they experience cellulite somewhere on their body during their lifetime.”

According to Dr. Parcells, QWO is an injectable enzyme (clostridium histolyticum-aaes collagenase) or working protein that breaks down fibrous bands that contribute to cellulite.

“What makes this procedure so innovative compared to various other cellulite treatments is that it is an injectable solution that targets the fundamental aspect of cellulite that actually causes dimples, i.e. the fibrous septa that lie under the skin.” , – says Dmitry Shvartsburg, MD. founding father of New York Skinley Aesthetics.

According to Dr. Schwarzburg, the fibrous septa drag the pores and skin down, creating the traditional dimples which are seen in sufferers with cellulite.

Is QWO cellulite remedy completely different from different merchandise available on the market?

There are different remedies for cellulite, however QWO is touted as the perfect different for numerous causes.

“While there are some other treatments on the market that target fibrous septa, such as Cellfina and Cellulaze, they involve surgery that is invasive and inaccurate, requires downtime, and is generally painful,” says Dr. Schwarzburg. “QWO is the only injectable treatment that targets septal fibroids. because [tiny] a needle can be used, it is almost painless and does not require anesthesia or downtime. One QWO session will take no more than 10-15 minutes from start to finish, while others require anesthesia and take 40 to 100 minutes per session.”

Dr. Parcells says she used the identical injectable throughout her surgical residency to deal Dupuytren’s contracture, which includes fibrous bands within the palm of her hand. The outcomes, she stated, helped sufferers keep away from prolonged surgical procedures and prolonged postoperative somatic remedy.


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