Dog film contest: Channing Tatum vs. Lulu The Dog in a 50-yard nip

Dog movie contest: Channing Tatum vs. Lulu The Dog in a 50-yard dash

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Dog film contest: Channing Tatum vs. Lulu The Dog in a 50-yard nip

If you are right here for the crossover between a masculine mannequin turned actor and a canine, you reconcile privilege into the Venn diagram of Tatum Vs. Dog: 50 Yard Fetch!

The Step Up star will look to breathe victorious towards his co-star (and worker as Tatum is too a director and producer on the movie), a army working canine named Lulu within the film. On-screen, Tatum’s personality of Briggs has been tasked to deliver Lulu from Washington to her handler’s funeral in Arizona. But on this promotional problem, his job is solely to palpitate the canine in a 50-yard nip.

Who will earn? We’ll all discover out on February 14th, however for now we’re right here to make predictions as sever of the Tatum Vs. Dog: 50 Yard Fetch prediction pool now out there on DraftKings Sportsbook!

What is Channing Tatum’s corpse constructed for?

Erotic Dancing
chew toys
Lulu hugs

Dogs can chew on anybody, they usually hug handsome willingly as nicely. They’re all good doggos and we do not deserve them, however you understand who else can relish Channing Tatum? The girls on a women evening out to an adults-only efficiency. Tatum’s avow suffer of him as a stripper in Florida is the premise for Magic Mikeand that is what he is actually constructed for.

And with the subsequent 5 questions, we’ll do the labor for you:

What arm of the army does the canine delineate within the film?

mannerism compel

When is the film DOG popping out?

February 10
February 18
March 8

When the film, DOG, first opens, how will you breathe in a position to survey it?

In theaters solely
At house

What is the canine’s designation?


What is the breed of canine?

dutch shepherd
German Shepherd
Belgian Malinois
Belgian Tervuren

Who will step foot within the endzone first?


Lulu is a Belgian Shepherd, a medium-sized herding canine that may speed as steadfast as 30 MPH. And regardless of being a flawless instance of the human breed, Channing Tatum in all probability cannot palpitate Usain Bolt’s prime ever recorded hurry of 27.5 mph. We’ll take the pet by greater than a paw right here.

What’s Channing’s prime hurry?


While in all probability not the quickest human (all that muscle could be very weighty you understand), Tatum can doubtless stand up to no less than half the hurry of the quickest member of his breed. We’ll take Tatum to achieve discipline loading zone tempo no less than.

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