Episode 120 | Taurus Solar Eclipse: Shadows and Fog – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent [Recipes Core]

Episode 120 | Taurus Solar Eclipse: Shadows and Fog – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent

Episode 120 | Taurus Solar Eclipse: Shadows and Fog – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent, horoscope is one of the oldest sciences that are concerned with celestial phenomena, their development, and their physical and chemical characteristics.

Episode 120 | Taurus Solar Eclipse: Shadows and Fog – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent

Episode 120 | Taurus Solar Eclipse: Shadows and Fog

This week: Eclipse season is upon us, as the Taurus New Mooooon connects with Uranus as part of a powerful Solar Eclipse! Join April for a mini-lesson about eclipses in the houses of the birth chart. Meanwhile, Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, makes conjunctions with otherworldly Neptune and jovial Jupiter this week; Pluto shifts to begin another long retrograde period; and Mercury enters Gemini and the shadow of its upcoming retrograde! Plus: Tea leaves, rose-tinted glasses, and more gardening symbolism than you can shake a rake at!

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[0:27] April introduces the week’s major astronews: a New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Venus’ conjunctions with Jupiter and Neptune, Mercury entering its home sign of Gemini, and more!
[1:13] The upcoming conjunctions of Venus with Neptune and Jupiter, which you’ll see in the skies on April 27 and April 30 respectively. The Sabian symbol for the Venus-Neptune conjunction is The purging of the priesthood, a timely warning about the corruption of one’s highest ideals. Perhaps we shouldn’t rely on Neptune’s rose-tinted view of the world, beautiful though it may be. (Read April’s essay about the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction here.)
[5:30] Pluto heads into a long retrograde period on April 29th, on the Sabian symbol, A woman reading tea leaves. How much of our fate is within our control?
[8:15] Mercury makes two final aspects in Taurus: a sextile aspect to Jupiter on April 26th and a trine to Pluto on April 28th, before entering Gemini on April 29. Get ready to network and to make a close study of the world around you. On the 26th, Mercury enters the shadow of its upcoming retrograde period, which begins on May 10.
[12:00] Mooooooooo report! The Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the Sabian symbol A woman sprinkling flowers reflects Taurus’ practical way of taking care of others. What changes will you see in your life this eclipse season? Eclipses near the same degree in 2014, 1995, and 1976 hold clues.
[14:43] The Void-of-Course Moon periods for the week – times for reflection and repose.
[16:59] Order April’s eclipse report, Followed by a Moonshadowand learn more about how the upcoming eclipses will influence your birth chart!
[17:50] The Venus-Jupiter conjunction on April 30th brings a welcome note of growth, pleasure, and enjoyment to this eclipse day. These fortunate planets converge on the Sabian symbol, A fertile garden under a Full Moon.
[19:16] A sextile aspect between Venus and Pluto on the Sabian symbols A-prism and A woman reading tea leaves. which is an opportunity to learn and absorb some of the harder lesson from the difficult Venus-Pluto conjunction at the end of last year
[20:52] Eclipses! What else would April talk about in this week’s mini-lesson?! What kind of “crisis” might you experience during this solar eclipse? She also dives into the difference between lunar and solar eclipses, the emotions and sensations you might experience during the solar eclipse, and how eclipses influence the house of your birth chart that they’re in. (Don’t know how to find the house of your chart where this eclipse degree, 10.28 Taurus, falls? This blog post and video might help!)
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