Five Things That Harmful For Your Eyes

There is so many things that can harm to your eyes and you don’t even know them and that is the more dangerous thing and when we don’t even know that then we can damage our eyes even more so lest see what are our day to day habits that can damage our eyes .


Excessive use of cosmetics

when we apply too much cosmetics to look cute and beautiful, we actually damage the real beauty of our eyes and if we keep that habit that can seriously harm our eyes, mascaras, liners, shades even lenses can harm them too and when we remove that make up, it is even harmful too .Follow celebrity’s trends, like fake eye lids, huge fake lashes multi color lenses can damage our eyes ball and eye tissues so badly, so before going to follow all these celebrities think twice and if you have to do that go to some professionals .


Gazing at burning sun

Gazing at burning sun at any time of day is harmful even you can harm then while you are simply walking in the roads without sunglasses going out in sunshine without protection cause irreversible damage to your eyesight and even lead to blindness.

Too much use of eyes

Too much use of eyes can harm then too, late night TV, reading books or anything in dim lights, bright direct light in eyes, too much eye drops can harm them too so be care full regarding that

swimming in sea

The last thing that will shock you is the swimming in sea, that can give you so many eyes problem that you can not even imagine, that salty water of sea can give you blindness too if you are going to swim without glasses, so take good care of them?