Free Weight Training For Beautiful Upper Body

Free weight is something that has so many myths related to women body; some people think that they will get big muscles if they will do that training and they will end up looking He-Man, where as that is not true, you need proper guides in that regard, you need proper instructor, but for those who wan to do weight training but on their own, I will tell you one simple thing, use big weight to look big, and small weight to look small weight with more rips, and fix your schedule, don’t kill your self, fix the day for each muscle, arms, shoulder and upper back, back and hip, tummy and lower back, and one day for legs, full day just for legs and then on day just cardio and the repeat the schedule,
So today we are going to do upper back .

Tricep Kickbacks

Bend over fully at the hips with your upper body parallel to the floor, bend your knees slightly keeping your feet flat on the ground, support your body by placing one hand flat on a chair, with the other hand take a hold of a dumbbell, bend your arm so that your upper arm is along side your body and your forearm is pointing straight down. The closer your elbow stays to your body, the better “pull” you will likely feel in your triceps area, which is what you are aiming for, now Inhale, hold your breath and extend your arm out until it is straight, exhale and slowly return to the starting position, that is the best exercise for your triceps, Repeat 10 – 12 times.


Bicep Curls

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold the dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing away from you, now while you keeping your elbows stable and close to your body, raise the dumbbells toward your shoulders and then let it go back, repeat 10 to 12 times


Chest Presses

Lay flat on your back with your abs tight and your lower back flat to floor, Start with weights directly over your chest and your elbows at 90 degree angles , now slowly Press arms straight up without locking your elbows and then lower your arms to their starting position, repeat 10 to times.