How to Change the Voice on Apple Maps

How to Change the Voice on Apple Maps

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How to Change the Voice on Apple Maps

  • You can change the voice on Apple Maps by choosing from more than a dozen voice variations.
  • Apple Maps uses Siri for voice navigation, so you need to change the Siri Voice settings to affect Apple Maps.
  • To change the voice, go to Siri & Search in iOS Settings and choose Siri Voice.

Every time you navigate with Apple Maps’ audio enabled, your iPhone reads you driving directions out loud — so if you aren’t thrilled with that voice, the narration can get tiresome.

Thankfully, Apple makes it easy to change the voice on Apple Maps. There are more than a dozen voices to choose from, and it only takes a moment to make the switch.

How to change the voice on Apple Maps

While Apple offers you a variety of accents and variations (including American, Australian, British, Indian, Irish, and South African), there’s one important caveat: Apple Maps uses Siri’s voice. That means you’re actually changing the voice of Siri, and so this selection will affect every instance of Siri, not just Apple Maps. If you don’t mind changing Siri to get a different Apple Maps voice, here is what to do.

one. start the Settings app.

2. tap Siri & Search.

The Settings app on iPhone.

Select Siri & Search in the Settings app.

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3. tap Siri Voice.

The Siri & Search screen in iPhone Settings.

You can find the Siri Voice settings in the Siri & Search page of the Settings app.

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4. in the variety section, tap the type of accent you want to hear, then in the voice section, choose the variation you prefer.

5. When you’re happy with your choice, close Settings. The selected voice will be downloaded to your iPhone and used automatically.

Changing the Siri voice in iPhone settings.

You can choose from among a half-dozen voice styles for Siri and Apple Maps.

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