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is monero traceable

is monero traceable reddit


is monero traceable , Monero is not traceable because it uses ring signatures to hide the identities of the sender and receiver. Ring signatures are a type of digital signature that allows someone to sign a message on behalf of a group. This makes it difficult to determine who actually signed the message. Monero also uses stealth addresses to hide the recipient's address. Stealth addresses are generated for each transaction and are only known to the sender and receiver. This makes it impossible for someone to track a specific Monero transaction.

is monero traceable

is monero traceable

Yes, Monero is traceable. While the sender and receiver of a transaction are anonymous, the blockchain itself is public. This means that anyone can view the transactions taking place on the network. However, due to the way Monero is designed, it is not possible to determine who is behind a particular transaction

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