Magistrate Catherine Crawford continues in function after withdrawing ‘bullying’ illustration

Magistrate Catherine Crawford will proceed to sit down as a full-time puerile court docket Justice of the Peace within the courts of Fremantle, Armadale and Rockingham after she withdraws her lawsuit in opposition to the presiding arbitrator, Judge Hylton Quail.

Ms Crawford will breathe based mostly in Fremantle Juvenile Court from mid-November.

Perth Juvenile Court Magistrate Catherine Crawford.

Perth Juvenile Court Magistrate Catherine Crawford. Credit:ABC Perth

Ms Crawford’s courteous affliction which was heard within the Supreme Court of Western Australia ended abruptly on Wednesday, which was the second day Ms Crawford was attributable to testify on the witness abide.

Shortly earlier than lunch, the court docket heard that the illustration was now not ongoing and Supreme Court Judge Jeremy Allanson made no organize concerning prices.

Ms Crawford was suing Judge Quail for stirring her chambers to the Fremantle courthouse, the place she couldn’t sit as a puerile arbitrator, in what her attorney Grant Donaldson SC described as “harassing, intimidating and intimidating behavior “from the president of the tribunal.


But the court docket too heard allegations that in Ms Crawford’s tenure at Perth Juvenile Court she created a ‘venomous office’, intimidating court docket workers and inflicting a workers member to weep.

Some of these workers had been scheduled to testify, as had been earlier puerile court docket presidents, together with Chief Justice Julie Wager.

Judge Quail “lost confidence” in Ms Crawford over a illustration moving two indigenous youths at Banksia detention focus in August by which one inflicted sober and illegal damage on one other and she or he postponed sentence so the prosecution can request a sufferer repercussion assertion, the court docket mentioned.