Razer's $100 Zephyr N95 mask, nee Project Hazel, is ready for face time

Razer’s $100 Zephyr N95 masks, nee Project Hazel, is prepared for countenance time

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We’ve recognized since E3 that Razer was planning to launch the Project Hazel N95 masks, a conception project that was enthusiastically unveiled at CES earlier this yr, however we did not have many particulars in regards to the designation of the ultimate product. , which options it would retain or how mighty. The conception advanced into the Razer Zephyr, a $99 masks designed to breathe extra cozy for prolonged employ with clear, two-way cooling followers so individuals can behold your mouth, it makes use of replaceable filters to preclude blow of disposable masks and disposable masks. Of passage, look composed with RGB lighting. Because: Razer.

Currently accessible on Razer’s website, the Zephyr comes with three pairs of filters, every examined to final about three days for full-day employ; A gang of 10 units of substitute filters will expense $30. You can too purchase it in a starter gang that features a masks and 33 units of filters – about 3 months ancient – for $150.

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Zephyr loosely FDA’s definition of N95 respirator, with silicone seal on the edges and Razer masks powers within the USA and UK. But it too makes no well being claims: “The Razer Zephyr is not a medical device, respirator, surgical mask, or personal protective equipment (PPE) and is not intended for use in medical or clinical settings. It has not been specifically tested. covid-19 virus but thanks to its 99% BFE rating it offers the same functionality and adequate protection.”

There’s quiet RGB lighting on the surface of the filter chambers to display your mouth, however to hit the sub-$100 charge, Razer needed to ditch just a few key options create on the conception mannequin: the UV charging illustration and audio amplification module.

Removing the latter resulted in lighter weight and longer battery life – it weighs 7 ounces (209 grams) and is rated for as much as 8 hours with the dual-speed followers clique to low. But one of many fascinating elements of the conception was the capacity to make your sound extra unaffected utilizing the amp, and now there’s the spare complication of fan din. The followers each take mannerism from exterior and expel it from the masks and artery it by way of N95 filters in each instructions. The filters appear to reconcile simply beneath magnetically hooked up covers.

The low pace operates at 4,200 rpm and the tall pace at 6,200 rpm. You can too rotate them off to additional preserve battery life, however they don’t seem to be very breathable by project and mask your countenance fully, so it will breathe handsome scorching inside with out working them. After a New York summer time complete of masks, I welcome followers. But I do not speak to individuals mighty. Razer is not ruling out a future mannequin, nonetheless.

It comes with an anti-fog spray to retain the limpid part limpid, however for this intuition Razer recommends not wiping the floor. But with out the UV field (you are charging with monotonous ancient USB-C), how do you sanitize the within? It could include higher cleansing directions however I’m caught at “yuck” for now.


Does silicone stick with your hair?


Two adjustable straps that refer across the advocate of your head and neck defend your ears, and Razer claims they make the motif one-size-fits-all. There is silicone on the sever that fixes it to the advocate of your head, which appears love a possible detriment for individuals love me; in a few of her images she appears love she’s carrying straps beneath lengthy hair, however I can not behold how that may labor. Anyone who’s used silicone ponytail elastics is aware of how they irritate your hair at finest and drag it out at worst. I too marvel how nicely the goggles reconcile on the nosepiece, however not less than you most likely do not need to wretchedness about fogging them up love you most likely do with many masks.

The solutions to those burning questions and extra await after I lastly get my unit examined. Stay tuned.

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