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ripple wins lawsuit

ripple wins lawsuit against sec


ripple wins lawsuit , Ripple, the enterprise blockchain company, has won a lawsuit against YouTube. The lawsuit was over YouTube's failure to take down impersonating channels, which led to Ripple losing millions of dollars. Ripple had sued YouTube back in April, alleging that the Google-owned video platform was profiting from the sale of XRP tokens by allowing impostor accounts to run ads and sell the digital asset. In the lawsuit, Ripple claimed that it had sent YouTube several cease-and-desist letters demanding that the platform take down the impersonating channels, but YouTube failed to do so. As a result, Ripple lost out on millions of dollars worth of XRP sales. However, in a recent court filing, Ripple stated that it has reached a settlement with YouTube and that the lawsuit has been “resolved amicably.”

ripple wins lawsuit

ripple wins lawsuit

Ripple has won a lawsuit against the company R3. R3 had sued Ripple for breach of contract, alleging that Ripple had failed to live up to its agreement to deliver XRP tokens to R3. However, the court found in favor of Ripple, stating that R3 had failed to prove that it had suffered any damages as a result of Ripple's actions. This is a victory for Ripple, as it allows the company to continue selling XRP tokens without fear of legal action from R3

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