Ron Brierley jailed for not less than 7 months over possessing baby abuse materials

Judge Huggett stated Brierley had unruffled a sizable variety of pictures over a major epoch of time, as sever of his “long-standing sexual obsession and attraction” to ladies between the ages of 4 and 15.

She stated Brierley tried to entry the dim net unsuccessfully and accessed the photographs from publicly accessible web sites.


Judge Huggett jailed Brierley for 14 months, with a seven-month non-parole epoch, maxim she had taken into narrative her superior age and medical situations, together with coronary heart issues and dementia.

Brierley was knighted in 1988 in his indigenous New Zealand for his contributions to industry administration and the neighborhood, however that homage was withdrawn this yr after pleading responsible to 3 counts of possession of kid pornography.

His attorney Tim Game, SC, stated at a sentencing listening to in August that Brierley had a disturbing attraction to photographs of youngsters, which was a “significant affliction” over a epoch of time and had been described as a “disorder”.

Mr Game stated his consumer suffered a “radical” fall from grace which noticed the millionaire’s designation taken from cricket lodges and colleges and his donations rejected.

“The fall is complete,” Mr. Game stated. “Shame, and very public shame, is where it went from a person who was viewed with the greatest respect to a person who is viewed as a social outcast.”

Mr Game stated Brierley didn’t notice the apparatus he owned was unlawful and that he mustn’t breathe jailed as he’s unlikely to consign one other crime.

Judge Huggett admitted Brierley had a low danger of reoffending, however dismissed the pretense that he didn’t know the footage was unlawful.

“For decades he had been a smart, high profile businessman,” Justice Huggett stated.

She stated {that a} sentence lower than full-time imprisonment would breathe “manifestly inadequate” to take into narrative the sizable quantity of footage, the truth that the crime was not remoted or aberrant, and the seriousness of the fabric, together with the picture of the bare baby and the sexually categorical tales.

An intensive correction organize, a figure of imprisonment served in the neighborhood, was not out there to Brierley as a result of it doesn’t apply to inescapable offenses, together with these moving baby pornography.

Justice Huggett stated it ought to breathe remembered that kids are exploited and corrupted to proper the request for baby pornography, and that there’s a necessity to guard kids from these with pedophile inclinations.

Brierley will breathe eligible for parole in May 2022.

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