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silver price today

silver price today dubai


silver price today , The silver price today is $17.14 per ounce, down slightly from yesterday's close of $17.21. This slight dip comes amid a broad selloff in precious metals, with gold and platinum prices also falling. However, silver prices are still up sharply from last week's lows, when the metal was trading below $16 per ounce. The rally in silver prices has been driven by a combination of safe-haven demand and technical buying. With global economic uncertainty high and central banks around the world pumping money into the financial system, investors have been turning to silver as a store of value. Meanwhile, technical traders have been buying silver on signs that the metal's downtrend may be coming to an end.

silver price today

silver price today

The price of silver today is $17.15 per ounce. This is down from the previous day's close of $17.25 per ounce. Silver prices have been volatile in recent weeks, reaching a high of $18.50 per ounce just a few weeks ago. Today's price is still up significantly from the lows seen in early September, when silver was trading below $16 per ounce

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