Stray Kids Fans Will Be Dyeing Their Hair Red After A Recent Revelation From Bang Chan

There has been a rumor going around for a bit that Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan has a particular attraction towards redheads, based on people and characters he has talked about such as Kim Possible other Ed Sheeran.

Before now, Bang Chan hasn’t made any comment about whether or not his ideal type includes someone with red hair, but it seems like it might be a possibility!

Recently during a video call between a STAY and the Stray Kids leader, he was asked about the possibility that he has a thing for redheads, and after laughing, he had an adorable response.

Maybe, maybe I have a thing!

— Bang Chan

Fellow Stray Kids member Felix with red hair

The fan went on to share with him that many STAYs are considering dying their hair red now for the group’s ongoing tour, and he basically said that it’s up to them, he’s not going to stop anyone from doing it, and to have fun!

Of course, fan reactions to this revelation about Bang Chan’s potential ideal hair color are pretty understandable and relatable 😂

We definitely won’t be surprised to see a lot of red-dyed hair at Stray Kids’ next concert stop!

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