The FDA Is Warning Against Using Hyaluron Pens for Lip Fillers

we evaluation for you pricey customer The FDA Is Warning Against Using Hyaluron Pens for Lip Fillers, and we revealed the exclusive articales for finest magnificence field make-up pores and skin hair concern.

The FDA Is Warning Against Using Hyaluron Pens for Lip Fillers

Even if somebody in some way manages to get their palms on a antiseptic, authorized HA filler, hitting it within the pen opens a fresh can of worms. “[They] requires transferring the filler from the original syringe to the ampoule inside the pen, “notes Dr. Sundaram.” It’s a multi-step process – connect the transfer syringe to the needle, draw up the filler, inject it into the ampoule – and there is a risk of infection every time this is done. “

Dr. Sander provides that “even if this maneuver is performed in a medical setting, the transfer will not be sterile. But doing this in a person’s home is preparation for infection. “

Then there is the problem of DIY sterilization. “Each of these handles have detachable parts, and the question is, how clean are the devices themselves?” Marivalla says. “Companies expect you to inject material of unknown origin and stability into the skin with a device that has protrusions and parts that are supposed to be cleaned, how? With soap and water and dry on a dish rack? Doesn’t seem safe to me. “

Since most people, with the exception of medical professionals, are not familiar with the intricacies sterile technique“The chances are high that patients will end up with non-sterile HA, which they stuff into their skin,” says Dr. Sundaram.

What steps are being taken to control hyaluronic pens?

As an instance of what can realistically breathe performed to guard the general public from self-harm, the Canadian well being authorities have launched public security warning for these pens in 2019, says Dr.Beleznay, who tells us that the sale of hyaluronic pens is too restricted in Europe. In addition to warning residents of potential risks, Health Canada has demanded that importers, distributors and producers of hyaluronic pens “stop selling these devices, and also asked all companies involved to withdraw the devices from the market,” in response to the company’s warning.

When we requested Simson if the US FDA is taking motion to steal these units from the market or to preclude producers from promoting them for beauty employ, she replied, “Politically, the FDA does not discuss the regulatory status of specific products, except with firms that are responsible for such products. However, to date, no needleless injector has been approved for injecting hyaluronic acid for aesthetic purposes. ”

It’s difficult to think about {that a} hyaluronic pen would ever get FDA approval given the listing of dangers outlined by our medical consultants and the drift want of knowledge on DIY units. “If anyone wanted to legitimize these pens, we would have to conduct controlled research – face to face against needle injection – to [assess] safety, efficiency, reliability, and short and long term consequences, ”notes Dr. Sundaram.

With optimism awaiting the passage of the Hyaluronic Pen Act here in the USA, we are at the charm I implore you to heed the warnings of our experts and not fall for the latest bad social media idea.

Additional report by Marcy Robin.

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