The Ridge by John Rector

Megan started to marvel if she was dropping her intellect. Is every thing actual or simply sever of her fancy? Can she faith anybody is that this city?

Megan and her husband Tyler strike to Chicago the place he has accepted a job on the Institute, a analysis focus and should stay there at the very least for a 12 months.

Megan shouldn’t be very fortunate with the strike and the peculiar neighborhood. Megan is satisfied there may be positively one thing grievance on this neighborhood and he or she wants to search out out what is occurring. She believes that one of many neighbors, Rachel Addison, is attempting to purloin her husband. When Megan confronts Rachel every thing goes awry. There was a abominable accident and Megan believes Rachel is insensible. When she tells Tyler what occurred, he goes to Rachel’s home solely to search out her alive and properly. Is Megan dropping her intellect?

Megan does change into immediate with one of many neighbors however can she faith anybody on this city?

I learn The Cold Kiss by John Rector and have become a right away fan of this author. He simply pulls you into the story and also you retain turning the pages to search out out what occurs subsequent. I puzzled if it was only a coincidence with this one bespeak or is John Rector that good of a author. I made a decision to strive one other of his books – this one – The Ridge. It occurred to me once more. I used to be mesmerized all through this bespeak. I could not abide till I had time to take a seat down and browse the subsequent chapter.

The Ridge is an eerie, creepy story. It jogged my memory of tales on The Twilight Zone and plenty of references are made to Stepford Wives. John Rector does a superb job of maintaining the readers guessing as to Megan’s sanity. The reader shouldn’t be positive what to consider or to not consider. Many of the folks Megan met might breathe her good friend – then again, they might breathe her enemy. The ending is kind of a astonish – one thing I didn’t anticipate. The writer does a marvelous job with the characters as a result of you do not know whom to consider. If you’re searching for an intriguing bespeak, The Ridge is the one for you. It by no means will get monotonous! Also for all of these science fiction readers on the market, give this one a random, as a result of it systematize of falls into the sci-fi class too. The ending too leaves it launch to a workable sequel or possibly a couple of sequel.