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uk annuity rates

uk annuity rates chart


uk annuity rates , The average UK annuity rate is currently 2.48%. This means that for every £100,000 you have in your pension pot, you would receive £2,480 per year in income. However, annuity rates can vary significantly depending on your personal circumstances. Your age, health and lifestyle choices will all have an impact on the income you can expect to receive from an annuity. If you are looking to secure the highest possible income from your pension pot, it is important to shop around and compare annuity rates from a variety of providers.

uk annuity rates

uk annuity rates

The UK annuity rates are determined by the government and are set at a rate that is designed to provide a retirement income that is fair and reasonable. The annuity rates are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they are keeping pace with the cost of living

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