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what are cookies on websites

what are cookies on websites and should i accept them

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what are cookies on websites , Cookies are small text files that make the internet work. When a user is on the Internet and a website, the cookie is sent to the browser together with the requested website – usually by the website operator. Cookies store data about websites visited and enable companies to recognize their users. They make it easier for users to surf a website, for example by not having to re-enter their access data for each visit or by recognizing what the user already does. Cookies cannot cause harm and are essential for the proper functioning of many websites.

what are cookies on websites

what are cookies on websites

Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer by websites you visit. They are used to store data about your visit, making it easier for you to surf the web. Cookies can be stored for a visited website (web server, server). The cookie is either sent to the browser from the web server or created by the browser when visiting the website. Cookies are also used to track users on your website and across the web. Many companies provide their website software solutions with cookies or HTTP cookies. These are small text files that are saved when you visit a website in order to facilitate the user's individual use of the website

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