What Makes A Person Boring? [Recipes Core]

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What Makes A Person Boring?, horoscope is one of the oldest sciences that are concerned with celestial phenomena, their development, and their physical and chemical characteristics.

What Makes A Person Boring?

aquarius water bearer painting“What is the deal with them?” I asked my friend, Ben. He’s a Scorpio with an Aquarius rising.

“The deal with them?” he asked. “There is no deal with them, they’re boring.”

“What do you mean, boring?”

“What do you mean, what do I mean? They’re boring. You know what boring is, Elsa. And these people are boring. They are nothing but boring.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said.

“No, I’m not kidding you. Have you ever met someone who was boring before? He asked.

“No…no, I don’t think I have.”

“Well I have! In fact, most people are boring. I can’t believe you don’t know this. You’re waiting for boring people to do something interesting and they never will.”

“Never?” I was incredulous.

“Never. Boring people don’t do interesting things so if you’re waiting for that to happen, you’re going to be disappointed…”

What makes a person boring?

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