What to do with leftover ham – 30+ recipes!

What to do with leftover ham – 30+ recipes!,

Questioning what to do with the leftover ham – apart from make ham sandwiches but once more? Right here’s over 30 recipes distinguished of your treasured glazed ham!

TOP TIP: Deal it love bacon, and don’t overlook the bone!

It’s un-Australian to make a Glazed Ham that’s simply large enough to relieve the require quantity you’re catering for. hold leftover ham is virtually a Christmas ritual in itself.

On Day 1, it’s all entertaining to employ the leftover ham to make lunch rolls.

Day 2, it’s already beginning to lose its enchantment.

By Day 3, you initiate wanting up how lengthy the leftover ham will retain for, and how one can freeze it. (Respond right here)

Day 4, you determine you’ll have one final hurrah earlier than you freeze it.

Oh abide, I consider that’s at the moment??! 🤣 So I’m JUST in time!

So right here you refer – 30+ recipes to make utilizing your leftover ham. (And PS, it’s going to breathe good for at the very least a 7 – 9 days within the fridge when you retailer it appropriately!)

Crustless Quiche in a pie pan, fresh out of the oven
Cheese and Ham Crustless Quiche – tastes love Quiche Lorraine, minus a ton of energy and exertion!

What to do with Leftover Ham – 30+ recipes

1. RecipeTin Picks

Listed below are my private picks for utilizing the valuable leftover ham:

  1. Eggs Benedict – as a result of it’s distinguished;
  2. Instead of bacon on this Strata Cake – as a result of it’s one thing completely different, unostentatious to make, tastes love quiche and everyone loves it;
  3. Ham & Cheese French Toast Roll Ups – as a result of it’s FUN! (And loopy ambrosial);
  4. Pea and Ham Soup – as a result of it’s so good that you just look past that extremely unflattering color;
  5. Fried rice – since you don’t necessity mighty, and it’s good for utilizing scraps. Make a meal out of it – add it to Hen Fried Rice;
  6. Mini quiche – one other one good for scraps, and I affection telling individuals it’s made with Christmas ham; and
  7. Macaroni Salad – I simply add a very good pair of handfuls of chopped ham into the Macaroni Salad for spare pops of tasty goodness.

2. Leftover Ham recipes

Precise recipes calling for ham! I’ve greater than I realised – I plane needed to crack it down into teams!

Brunch / brekki kind issues

  1. Eggs Benedict – as celebrated above, WORTHY!
  2. Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche – smells love Quiche Lorraine because it cooks, however a all lot simpler to make! And loads much less energy too 😇;
  3. Ham Egg & Cheese Pockets – seize and refer!
  4. Ham and Cheese Puffs – OK, that is extra of an app, however I WANT to consume it for breakfast!
  5. No Washing Up Sizzling Ham and Cheese Bread Bowls – accent on the phrases NO WASHING UP!
  6. Monte Cristo (French Toast Ham Cheese Sandwich) – actually, the BEST ham and cheese sandwich on the planet…
  7. Ham and Cheese French Toast Roll Ups – cute to take a look at and prophesy to consume!

Meals utilizing ham

  1. Ham, Potato & Corn Chowder – a creamy chowder loves salty miniature pops of ham;
  2. Pizza – Hawaiian, BBQ Meat Lovers, Capricciosa or of passage, make your avow up!
  3. Hen Cordon Bleu – one of the best stuffed rooster ever!
  4. Fried rice – my abject recipe requires bacon, however really, many Chinese language eating places employ ham! Make a meal out of it – strive Hen Fried Rice;
  5. Muffletta! (Italian Christmas Leftovers Bread Bowl) – something goes right here. However most particularly HAM!
  6. Cheese and Ham Pancakes – Mashed potatoes muffins studded with ham, crispy on the surface and fluffy on the within. YES!

4. Ham bone recipes

  1. Pea and Ham Soup – dump all of it right into a dilatory cooker, then come residence to essentially the most unimaginable aroma wafting out of your kitchen. Very miniature exertion, gigantic returns!
  2. Subsequent Point Ham Bone Soup with Beans – it sounds and appears pastoral, however the flavour is off the charts distinctive!
  3. Chinese language Ham Bone Rice Soup – Congee (3 elements!!) – that is really a Chinese language dish, not simply one thing I made up. It’s unbelievably good, and sure it actually does solely convene for 3 elements.

5. Something calling for bacon

Do you know you’ll be able to employ ham in just about any recipe calling for bacon? It provides the identical salty pops, and you’ll plane fry it up till golden, simply love bacon!

Sprinkle it onto a Hen Salad rather than bacon. Or prepare dinner it love you’d bacon to figure a savoury abject for issues love Minestrone Soup or Southern Baked Beans.

Click on right here to behold all recipes utilizing bacon. Listed below are some recommendations – good number of recipes right here!

PRO TIP: The one time you can’t substitute ham for bacon is the place the bacon is blended in uncooked figure into one thing, similar to Doner Kebab meat or Sausage Rolls. Necessity the bacon obese.

6. Add in!

There are such a lot of choices for issues you’ll be able to add ham into, whether or not it’s so as to add protein, tasty miniature salty pops or simply typically to make it plane tastier! Listed below are some concepts:

Lunches & meals

Breakfast & brunch

Await that provides your leftover ham a fresh lease on life! Benefit from it – for many of us, it’s one other 12 months earlier than we make one other! – Nagi x

Lifetime of Dozer

Dozer would love to place one other suggestion on the record for what to do along with your leftover ham:

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